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JSON Frequenly Asked Questions

What is a JSON file?

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a plain text format used to store structured data in JavaScript derived data format. JSON was designed by Douglas Crockford while his work in State Software. JSON at that time was designed to exchange application state information between web application and back-end server. Get more information about JSON.

How can I open JSON file?

JSON files are plain text and could be opened by any text editor. Still it is easier to edit editors optimized for JSON. This includes Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, XCode. You can also use one of the online JSON Editors.

Are JSON files binary?

No, JSON files are plain text. A binary form of JSON is called BSON (Binary JSON).

Can I convert JSON to other formats?

Yes, JSON could be converted to multiple compatible data formats including YAML, XML, BSON. It can also be converted to other structured data formats like CSV and Excel with data strucure changes. You can use one of the convertors on our JSON convertors page.

How to create a JSON file?

You can create JSON file in any text editor. You can also create it in a desktop software like Microsoft Visual Studio Code, XCode, Notepad++, Sublime Text. Or you can use specialized online JSON editor described on our online JSON editors page. There are also various types of JSON files which are easier created or modified by an application which is going to use them.