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JSON Formatter & Validator from CuriousConcept

JSON formatter and validator from CuriousConcept provides simple yet a feature complete interface to validate and format JSON input according to one of the RFC 8259, RFC 7159, RFC 4627, ECMA-404 specifications.

To validate and format you just need to paste your text or URL into the JSON Data/URL edit box, choose a specification you want to validate against in “JSON specification” field, choose a number of spaces you want to use for tabulation in “JSON Template” Field, and click “Process” button.

You will see formatted JSON in “Formatted JSON Data” field. It will be formatted according to the specification for JSON template you chose and nesting structure of it will also be collapsible.

To download the resulting JSON you can either click “Copy to Clipboard” button to copy the JSON to your computer clipboard or “Download as a File” button to download the JSON to your “Downloads” folder. You can also Query JSON with JSONPath expression by clicking on the “Query JSON” button or convert JSON to PHP, XML, or YAML by clicking on the “Convert Data Format” button.

If your JSON have validation errors, you will see all of them listed in the “Validator Output” box. When you click on the error you will see its location in the formatted JSON output field.

Input JSON could be formatted in any way possible or not formatted at all.

JSON Fomatter & Validator will format it according the the JSON specification.

JSON Formatter

JSON Formatter from is a multi-purpose tool which allows JSON validation, formatting, beautification, minification, and conversion.

To perform one of the functions above insert your unformatted JSON to the edit box on the left. Depending on which function you need click “Validate”, “Format/Beautify”, “Minify/Compact”, or “Convert JSON to” button.

You will see resulting JSON in the edit box to the right. Click on the “Text” button in the top menu of the edit box to change how JSON is displayed. You can view JSON as code, form, text, tree, or view. You can also query, transform or sort JSON by clicking on the filter icon.