Open JSON File

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What is JSON File

JSON is a plain text data storage format where data is stored in Javascript notation. JSON files are fully compatible with Javascript and could be opened by compatible Javascript code. Besides Javascript JSON is supported by many modern programming languages through specialized libraries.

JSON standard supports variables of different types which can be structured into arrays and nested data structures. JSON files don’t have specific size limitations and could be very large or just have one variable.

JSON is widely popular as a data exchange format in Javascript. Since it is coded in Javascript notation it is very easy for developers to create, delete or modify JSON data structures. There is no need to convert JSON structures, they could be parsed and processed as is.

JSON files are easily compressible and compression ratio is very high because JSON stores all data as text. If needed JSON could be stored in optimized way by using BSON or Binary JSON. Binary JSON uses similar structure as JSON but stores the data in binary format to save on size.

You can open JSON file in any text editor including Notepad for Windows and Textedit for Mac OS. But we recommend using text editors which supports JSON syntax highlighting and formatting. Sublime Text, Notepad++, Microsoft Visual Studio Code are great tools to edit JSON files. If you don’t want to install any desktop software, you can use one of the online JSON convertors. Most of them not only convert JSON to other formats, but also format it and highlight errors.

JSON file format could be used in many applications including configuration files, data storage, packet exchange and more. If you have a specific JSON file which you need to open it is recommended to use an application which was used to create it since JSON format is specific to the application.